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; "Healing" inanimate objects:
; "Healing" inanimate objects:
Bondsmiths may be able to feel and hear the cognitive aspects of certain broken objects around them. With some combination of physical effort, Tension and Adhesion, they can fix them. It has been suggested that this ability may have similarities to Progression-based healing - it is easier for users of Progression to heal those who are recently wounded, and it gets harder as the "soul" becomes accustomed to the wound. {{book ref|sa3|59}}
At one point, Dalinar was able to feel and hear the cognitive aspects of certain broken objects around him, and with some physical effort and potentially some combination of Tension and Adhesion, managed to fix those broken objects back together. Later, he wonders if this ability had similarities to Renarin's healing capabilities, and comments on how it is easier for Renarin to heal those who were recently wounded, and that it gets harder to heal a wound once a soul becomes accustomed to it. {{book ref|sa3|59}}
== History ==
== History ==

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