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|world=Scadrial|region=[[Elendel Basin]]
|type={{cat tag|Water body}}
|books=[[Mistborn Adventures]]
|region=Elendel Basin
|books=[[Mistborn Era 2]]
The '''Hammondar Bay''' is a body of water west of [[Elendel]].{{map ref|Elendel}} The [[Irongate River]] flows into it, and it is connected to the [[Sea of Yomend]].{{map ref|Elendel Basin}}
The '''Hammondar Bay''' was a body of water west of [[Elendel]].{{ref|Elendel}} The [[Irongate River]] flowed into it, and it was connected to the [[Sea of Yomend]].
It is presumably named after [[Hammond]].
It was named after [[Hammond]].
== Trivia ==
* [[Isaac Stewart]] signed a copy of ''[[The Alloy of Law]]''. In it, he wrote "Remember Hammondar Bay." It is currently unknown why this might be, but it is assumed there will be something of future significance there.{{17s ref|post|368323|"Remember Hammondar Bay"|date=5 December 2015}}
* Hammondar is also a month in the Scadrian calendar.{{book ref|eltania}}
== Notes ==
== Notes ==
<references />
<references />
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{{Mistborn|Era 2}}

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