God Beyond

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God Beyond
Worlds Sel, Scadrial, Threnody
Featured In The Emperor's Soul, Mistborn Era 2, Shadows for Silence
She was a woman. Good at lying, they are. The God Beyond made'm that way.

The God Beyond or the Unknown God was a god that was worshipped on multiple Shardworlds.[1][2][3]

On Scadrial, Wayne mentions the God Beyond in passing.[1]

On Sel, it was referred to as the Unknown God by the MaiPon, although this is indeed the same as the God Beyond.[2] Wan ShaiLu prays to the unknown god[4], and her people related it to the rocks that fell from the sky.[5]

On Threnody, Silence Montane and her daughter William Ann, swore to the God Beyond.[3]


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