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Shards None
Investitures Shades
System Threnodite System[1]
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell

Threnody is the minor Shardworld that contains the Forests of Hell.[2] It is the setting for the story Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell. It has many features that are similar to Earth, including forests, mountains and oceans. Silver seems to be a fairly common resource on the planet, but because of its importance to survival, it is still finite and valuable. According to Mistborn: Secret History, people from this world are known as "Threnodites."

Geography & Ecology

The planet seems to have at least two large land masses, as the original settlers arrived at the Forests of Hell by ship from the Fallen World.

The Fallen World is a continent that contains the Homeland, the original home of the people now residing in the Forests of Hell.

The Forests of Hell are actually one continuous forest that seems to make up the vast majority of the land mass. These forests are dotted with large fort-cities as well as smaller waystations and farming communities. There are also mountains and cave structures present.

Due to the nature of the Simple Rules, there are no predators within the Forests. There are, however, a variety of herbivores including birds and rabbits. Pigs are kept by some of the inhabitants of the Forests, but they are not eaten.

The most populous inhabitants of the Forests, however, are the shades. These inhibit population growth of humans and animal species alike by restricting them with the Simple Rules. Anyone (human or animal) that breaks these rules will be attacked and killed.

Silver seems to be an abundant resource on the planet. However, due to its uses, it is still a limited resource with a high value.


The Starbelt is an unusually bright patch of stars in the sky of Threnody.[3] It is useful for navigation in the Forests of Hell during the night; the light usually filtered through the trees fairly well.

The Starbelt is the same patch of unusually bright stars that is visible from Scadrial.[4] It is visible from other worlds in the Cosmere as well.[5]

Behind the Scenes

A Threnody is a song, hymn, or poem that is composed or performed in mourning of the dead.[6] Threnody is named in memorial of someone or something.[7]


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