Shallan Davar

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Shallan Davar
by User: Exmakina
House Davar
Parents Lin Davar, mother
Siblings Helaran, Balat, Wikim, Jushu
Born 1156[1]
Abilities Lightweaver, Shardbearer
Aliases Veil
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
I seek the truth. Wherever it may be, whomever may hold it. That's who I am.
—Shallan to Iyatil[2]

Shallan Davar is a lighteyed Veden on Roshar and a member of the newly restored Order of Lightweavers of the Knights Radiant.[3]

She is a member of the Devotary of Purity[4] and a Surgebinder with the ability to Soulcast by communicating with cryptics.[5][6] She is also in possession of a Shardblade[7][5] and a broken Soulcaster that belonged to her father.[7] Shallan revealed to the Cryptics that she killed her father.[8]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Shallan is a slim, pale-skinned young woman with auburn-red hair that reaches past the middle of her back and blue eyes. There are freckles on her cheeks and nose, although they aren't very noticeable.[3]

Shallan was considered shy by her family, but when she left the family estates behind, she opened up and gained confidence. She has a quick wit, and often unthinkingly utters the first thing to come to mind.[3]

After arriving at the Shattered Plains and encountering the Ghostbloods, Shallan develops an alter-ego, Veil, who is daring and bold, an accomplished con-artist and spy, and as a darkeyed woman, is able to move freely and go places Shallan cannot; Shallan assumes the persona of Veil through her Lightweaving abilities.


Shallan in the Shattered Plains by Michael Whelan


As a child, Shallan had a happy life with her parents and four brothers; she can recall a time when her father rarely became angry. However, after her abilities began to manifest, the situation deteriorated, culminating in the night when her mother and an associate attempted to kill her. Her father stepped in, fighting the associate, but was soon pinned down as Shallan's mother approached the eleven-year-old Shallan to end her life. The stress of this moment was enough for Shallan to summon her Shardblade for the first time, using it to kill her mother and the associate. Her father took the fall for the bloody events to protect her, and though there was no proof to send him to court, the general understanding, held even by his sons, was that he had killed his wife and her lover while Shallan watched; these traumatic events and the following cover-up were enough to shatter the once-happy family and twist her father into a violent, easily-enraged and abusive man who verbally and physically hurt the members of his house. Shallan repressed all memory of the night, refusing to recall her part in the events. After weathering years of abuse by her father (who hurt others in order to manipulate her, as he feared her too much to hurt her directly), Shallan finally took action when he seemed bent on killing her brother Balat. She gave him poisoned wine and then strangled him with a necklace he had given her. It is only after his demise that Shallan and her brothers could attempt to come together as a family once more, banding together to cover up the truth of his death while also working to save the House from the many debts their father accrued.


Shallan spent several months chasing Jasnah across many cities, hoping to become her ward in order to steal Jasnah's Soulcaster. She finally caught up to Jasnah in Kharbranth, and attempted to convince her to take Shallan as her ward, failing twice and finally succeeding on the third attempt.[9] Shallan is eventually able to steal Jasnah's Soulcaster[10] only to discover that it is a fake. Shallan also discovered her own Soulcasting abilities after this theft.[5]

During her studies with Jasnah, Shallan developed a friendship with the ardent Kabsal who accidentally poisoned both Shallan and himself during an attempt to assassinate Jasnah for the Ghostbloods.[11] Shallan realized that her father also might have been a member of the same organization.[12] After this realization and the revelation that the Parshendi and Parshmen were Voidbringers, she and Jasnah set off for the Shattered Plains to attain more information. [13] [14]

The Journey to the Shattered Plains[edit]

Jasnah and Shallan have taken passage on the Wind's Pleasure, traveling to the Shattered Plains. Several days into the journey, Shallan spies a santhid - an elusive and ancient dweller of the ocean - moving alongside the ship. She wants to observe the santhid underwater in order to sketch it, but is dissuaded from the dangerous task by Captain Tozbek. Jasnah soon joins her, and detecting her ward's innattention to her reading, explains the nature of Shadesmar and spren to her. Shallan mentions the patterns of lines she has been noticing, and Jasnah details the measures she has taken to help House Davar: sending money to Shallan's brothers, communicating with her mother about the broken Soulcaster, and setting up a causal betrothal with Adolin Kholin. Finally, Jasnah gives Shallan words of advice on power and how even its illusion can be enough to create authority. Taking these words to heart, Shallan commands the captain to help her go overboard in order to observe the santhid. [14]

One night on the journey, their ship is attacked and Shallan sees Jasnah stabbed in the chest, she smells smoke, using lightweaving she distracts the men attacking and then with a huge amount of stormlight, with the help of pattern she reached into shadesmar and soulcasted the Wind's Pleasure into water to escape.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]


Because of her Nahel bond with spren Pattern, Shallan possesses the ability to Surgebind. She has access to the surgebindings: Illumniation and Transformation. As with all Surgebinders, she has superhuman speed, strength and healing when she holds Stormlight. She has demonstrated her ability to Soulcast multiple times, though her other abilities remain yet to be seen. She is in the process of becoming a Knight Radiant.


The Surge of Transformation allows Shallan to use Soulcasting. She has discovered that she can soulcast without the need of a fabrial by visiting Shadesmar. She has also learned that the soulcaster she had been determined to steal is a nonfunctional fake, and that Jasnah can also soulcast without one. She used this ability to sink Wind's Pleasure in WoR.


In Words of Radiance, Shallan discovered the ability to project images into life although incorporeal. Due to a lack of practice and experience, she can only create the images after sketching them first. She also discovered she could use Pattern to project sounds when in the image. The range of an image is limited to its proximity to a source of Investiture as the user moves away from an image it will begin to blur and then dissolve when its connection is broken, increased focus on the part of a user can increase the range but not greatly.


Shallan had the ability to deliberately memorize a scene (usually involving blinking) after which she could paint or draw that scene with remarkable accuracy. She had a passion for learning and a great talent for drawing. She was never without her sketchbooks and charcoal, so she might draw whatever caught her interest. Shallan frequently drew and made notes on the world around her, in order to promote her Calling of natural history.[15] Shallan's ability to memorize scenes and reproduce them accurately seems similar to the ability of a Terris Keeper to store memories in a coppermind, in that both talents involve the removal of a memory from the mind and its replacement in another medium - in Shallan's case, a sketch rather than a coppermind.


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