Battle of Hathsin

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This article's title is uncanonical and a fan created one, because an official term or name has not been made yet.

The Battle of Hathsin was a seminal moment in the history of the cosmere, occurring at the Pits of Hathsin.[Citation needed] It was the culmination of the slow war of attrition between the intents of Preservation and Ruin. It resulted in the near destruction of Scadrial, and the subsequent remaking of the planet by Sazed. It also resulted in the deaths of Ati, Elend, and many other people.


In the early stages of life on Scadrial, Preservation (Leras) struck a deal with Ruin (Ati): that while Preservation could create humanity, a species with sentience and more Preservation than Ruin within itself, but Ruin would eventually be able to destroy the world. The creation of humanity put Preservation at a slight weakness to Ruin, breaking the balance of the two powers and meaning that Preservation could no longer block Ruin from destroying. Preservation subsequently imprisoned Ruin by using his own power to form a prison which blocked any action that Ruin tried to take. Nevertheless, Ruin still had a small amount of influence over the world.

Final Battle[edit]

After the Siege of Fadrex City, and Vin's realization of Ruin, she took off towards Luthadel. At the Pits, Elend, Demoux and the other soldiers who were newly discovered as Seers, Allomancers who can only burn atium, fought against hundreds of thousands of Koloss being directed towards Hathsin by Ruin in an attempt to find the Atium Cache. The soldiers used the Atium Cache to fight off the Koloss, making them near-invincible warriors until the cache eventually ran out at which point Elend had achieved his true purpose. Elend and Marsh fought, Elend fueled by Vin's power and Marsh fueled by Ruin's power. Although Marsh killed Elend, Ruin's body had been destroyed. Vin, grieving Elend, attacked Ruin directly, destroying both hosts of Ruin and Preservation.

After the conflict, Sazed took up both of the powers of Ruin and Preservation, becoming Harmony, the Hero of Ages.[1]


History of Scadrial
Siege of Fadrex City Battle of Hathsin Final Ascension of Harmony
  1. The Hero of Ages chapter 82
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