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Arcanum Unbounded/Summary

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This page contains a summary of the essays in Arcanum Unbounded. We hope these summaries will provide a quick refresher for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to reread the entire book.

The Selish System[edit]

The system contains a dwarf planet, a common belt, a ringed gas giant called Ralen/Raa, a planet called Ky/Kii, an asteroid belt, Sel with its moon Oem, and [Donne/Doo]]. Sel it the only habitable one. It contains three continents, is 1.5 cosmere standard size and 1.3 cosmere standard gravity. It contains the shards Devotion and Dominion, both of which have been shattered by Odium and pushed into the Cognitive Realm. The land is self-aware.

The Scadrian System[edit]

The Taldain System[edit]

The Threnodite System[edit]

The Drominad System[edit]

The Rosharan System[edit]